Canvas - Grade a video assignment in Speedgrader

This document will show how to use Collaborate Ultra to allow students to record their group presentation. They will then be able to download that presentation and upload it to Kaltura / My Media so they can edit it. Then they can submit that video to the assignment. The instructor can then see the video in Speedgrader for grading and commenting.

These directions will be broken down into three parts; Downloading the presentation from CU, Uploading and editing

(Instructor Directions ) - Create a "Text" submission assignment

  • Go into your Canvas course
  • Choose the "Assignment" tool from the course navigation
  • Choose "+Assignment" button
  • Set the "Submission" option to "Text" (students will select "more options > My Media" to embed their video)
  • Fill out the rest of the assignment setting and save

(Instructor Directions) Setup a Collaborate session that allows students to record their own presentations

  • Open your Canvas course
  • Select "Collaborate Ultra" in the course navigation
  • Choose "Create Session"
  • Give it a name and set the following settings
    • Select the "No End Open Session" checkbox
    • Select the "Session Settings tab" (Gear Icon)
    • Select the "Allow Recording Downloads" checkbox
    • Change the "Default Attendee Role to - Moderator" (Required to allow them to select the "Record" feature of Collaborate Ultra
  • Select "Create"

(Student Directions) Record your Presentation

  • Go to your Canvas course
  • Select "Collaborate Ultra"
  • Join the session your instructor has directed you to
  • Get your presentation materials setup 
  • Choose the "Open Session Menu" (upper left of collaborate looks like three lines)
  • Choose "Record" anything you do on screen will now be recorded
  • When finished select the "Stop Recording" from the "Open Session Menu"
Note: Recordings take some time to process. Please give collaborate an hour or two before trying to download the presentation.

(Student Directions) Download a Collaborate Ultra Presentation

  • In Collaborate Ultra select the "Collaborate Ultra Menu" (looks like three lines on top of each other) and choose "Recordings"

  • Find the recording you want to download and choose the recording menu option on the right (looks like three dots inside a circle)
  • Select "Download"
  • You will be asked where you want to save your video, remember this location.

(Student Directions) Upload Video into Kaltura / My Media

  • login to Canvas
  • Select "Account > My Media"

  • Select "+ Add New  > Media Upload "

  • Browse to the video that you have saved on your local computer. The movie will start to upload. You can give it a new name if you would like at this time.

(Student Directions) Edit Video

  • Go into "Canvas > Account > My Media"
  • Select the video you want to edit
  • Select "Actions > Launch Editor"
  • Use the video editor slider beginning and ending points to find the start and end of your video

  • Choose "Save A Copy" button (Be careful! Choosing "Save" overwrites the original video)

(Student Directions) Submit this video to the Assignment

  • Open the assignment in the Canvas course
  • Select the "submit" button
  • In the dialog box choose the "more tools" button (looks like a "V" shape)
  • Select "My Media"
  • Choose the "Embed" button next to the movie you want to share
  • Select "Submit Assignment"

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