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Adobe Illustrator - The Blob Brush and Eraser Tools

This guide will show you how to use two of the essential tools in illustrator: Blob Brush & Eraser.


Painting in Illustrator using the brush, and the Pencil tools was always an option. Once something is drawn with one of these tools it's kind of hard to add something to that artwork. The Blob brush tool will join artwork together utilizing the brush.

Using the Blob Brush Tool:

  1. Select the pencil tool.
  2. Draw out a basic shape, like a rectangle.
  3. Make the rectangle all black by adjusting the fill color of the object. (see understanding fill and stroke)
  4. With the fill selected, select the Blob brush tool.
    • It looks like a little paintbrush with a circle target that follows the cursor around. This is a brush.
    • In Illustrator, the size of the brush can be altered by pressing the right bracket key ( ] ), or the left bracket key ( [ ) on the keyboard. Pressing the right bracket key increases the size of the brush, the left will decrease it.
  5. With the blob brush, draw by clicking and dragging the mouse.
  6. Select the Selection tool, and select the shape, the shape and what was drawn with the blob tool is one object.
The paintbrush tool would just create a brand new object on top of the rectangle instead of joining the two shapes together. 

Using the Eraser Tool: 

The Eraser tool can also be utilized to create paths.
  1. Choose the Eraser tool by clicking on it in the tools panel or pressing Shift, and the letter E.
    • The cursor will look similar to the blob brush tool and the size of the eraser can be changed the same way as the blob brush with the bracket keys.
  2. Click and drag the eraser brush to alter the artwork.
  3. When finished altering the artwork, click away, or select it,
Note that the shape is still one big object.

By using the eraser tool, complex paths are being created without the Pen tool. By using these tools, it can be much easier to create freeform artwork, without worrying about the technical stuff going on in the background.

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