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Audacity - Automating Volume with Envelope Tool & Auto-Ducking

This document will help you be able to edit the volume over the course of an entire track.

Even though it’s easier to lower the volume of the entire track to get rid of unwanted loud parts, this lowers the volume of the quieter parts as well. To manually edit the loud and soft parts, the Envelope Tool is used.

Using the Envelope Tool

  1. Select the Envelope Tool from the Audacity Tools Toolbar.
  2. Once the tool is selected, gray bars appear at the top and bottom of each track.
  3. Select anywhere along the gray bars of the track to add Selection Points.
  4. Select a Selection Point to raise or lower the volume of the track. Once multiple selection points have been added, the Envelope will raise or lower for each portion, and the waveform will get higher or lower. This can be used to make precise volume corrections for the entire track.

While using the envelope tool is useful for adjusting volume on one track, there is also the Auto Duck tool for changing the volume of one track based on the volume of a second track. Using this tool, a track can be commanded to be lower in volume while the other track is playing, and then higher in volume when the other track is silent. 

Using AutoDuck

Select the track desired to be Auto-Ducked.

  1. To use Auto Duck, select Effect, then select Auto Duck from the drop down menu. This causes the Auto Duck Window to pop up.
  2. The Auto Duck Window shows how long fade ins and outs are, as well as how low the volume should go. 
  3. Select the white dots to move them in the desired to direction to change how long or short fade-ins/outs are. 

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