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NetID - Password Change

These instructions include directions for how to change your NetID password and includes the password expiration frequency.

Change your Password

Step 1 - Forget All Connections to Titan WiFi

***Important Note:  This step is needed if you have device(s) connected to Titan WiFi.  If you do not do this step and are connected to Titan WiFi on any devices you will be locked out of your NetID***

  1. Forget the connection for any devices that you connect to Titan WiFi
    • Directions for how to forget the network based on type of device:

    Step 2 - Change Your NetID Password

    1. Go to the NetID password change page
      Password Change Page
    2. Click on the circle for Change Password
    3. Type your NetID Username in the first box
    4. Type your Current Password in the second box
    5. Type your New Password in the third box
      • Make sure you meet the requirements to the right of the page.  If the requirements are met you will see "acceptable password" to the right of the box.
    6. Retype the New Password in the fourth box
      • Make sure it says "passwords match" to the right of the box
    7. Click Change Password
    8. You should see the message that says password changed successfully

    Step 3 - Re-Connect to TitanWifi

    ***Important Note:  This step is needed if you want to re-connect your device(s) to Titan Wifi

    1. Re-establish the connection to Titan Wifi

    Step 4 - Additional Step for Mac Users on a UW Oshkosh Campus Owned Computer

    This information is for Mac users with a UW Oshkosh owned computer who use the NetID password change page to change their password as instructed above.

    1. The next time you log into your campus owned Mac computer you will get the following message "The system was unable to unlock your login keychain".
      • This message is normal.  It indicates that your password changed since the last time you logged onto that machine and it needs your old password to unlock your saved passwords and wireless networks.
        Keychain 2

    If you know your old password do the following:

    1. Click Update Keychain Password

    2. Enter your old password
    3. Click OK

    If you do not know your old password do the following:

    1. Click Create New Keychain
      • This will remove any saved passwords and wireless networks and you will have to reconnect to your preferred wireless networks.
    New keychain

    If you need further assistance please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 920-424-3020 or

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