Canvas - Import CSV Document into the Gradebook

Shows you how to upload into the Canvas gradebook from a CSV.

( Canvas's directions on importing grades )

CSV Required Format

The CSV document you need to upload into Canvas must have the format below. 
  • The following listed column headers are required.
    • Student (Values can be blank)
    • ID (Values can be blank)
    • SIS User ID (Required MUST start with OSH0+ID)
    • SIS Login ID (Values can be blank)
    • Root Account (Values can be blank)
    • Section (Values can be blank)
    • Assignment Name (Values are Required)
  • Required Row - Points Possible
Example Below ( Download this example CSV )

Student  ID  SIS User ID SIS Login ID Root Account  Section  YOUR ASSIGNMENT TITLE HERE
 Points Possible            10
     OSH0XXXX01        2
     OSH0XXXX02        3

Note on student IDs. If you get a CSV file from the testing center and the student IDs do NOT have the OSH0 at the beginning. You must prepend this to each student ID in the CSV file. The total number of characters in the ID should be 10. The format should have 10 digits and look like OSH0123456

(ALTERNATIVE) You could download the gradebook from your course;
  • Open your class in Canvas
  • Choose "Grades"
  • Select "Actions > Export"
  • Save to your desktop

Edit the CSV from the blank template

  • Add the name of your assignment in the header of the last column (should be unique to all your other assignments in Canvas )
  • If you have an existing spreadsheet (perhaps from the testing center) copy the student IDs and paste them into the "SIS User ID" column (being careful to leave the "points possible" row blank)
  • Add in the total possible points for the assignment in the points row under the assignment header
  • Copy and paste the points the student received into rows below the possible points cell
  • Being careful to make sure your student IDs line up with their scores copy and paste the SIS User ID column. 
  • PLEASE double check to make sure the correct IDs line up with the correct scores
  • You will need to prepend " OSH0 " in front of each student ID if its not already there (10 digits in total). 

Upload the CSV

  • Go to "Grades"
  • Choose "Actions > Import"
  • Find the CSV on your computer
  • Choose the "Upload Data" button
  • You will be asked to choose the assignment. If its a new assignment that does not already appear in your grade book choose "New Assignment" if its an existing assignment in Canvas choose that assignment from the dropdown.
  • Choose "Continue"
Add new Assignement

Canvas will give you a preview including student names and the grade it will be assigning to them (please double check). If everything looks correct select the "Save Changes button. 

Double Check Grades
You may need to give Canvas a few minutes to ingest the upload into the gradebook . After waiting click the refresh or reload button on your browser.

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