Titan Web - Login Information

This document will help you log into Titan Web for the first time or show you how to reset the password if you can't remember it.

Titan Web is the system used to manage enrollment, view financial aid, pay tuition, view grades, and send transcripts, among a number of other important functions.

How to Access Titan Web

  1. Go to the UW Oshkosh homepage.
  2. Mouse over Titan Services in the top-right corner and click on Titan Web.
  3. Click the button marked Students/Faculty: Log into TitanWeb, as pictured below.

    TitanWeb Login

How to Login

There are two ways to for students to log in based on if you are an active student or a incoming applicant or previous student.

Active Student Login

Active students can use their NetID username and password.

Titan Web User ID

  1. Enter your NetID username which is just the first part of your email address, do not include the @uwosh.edu (I don't know my NetID username, see NetID - Login Information  )
    1. If you have not logged into anything with NetID you will need to follow the NetID Activation/Change Password instructions below before you can log into TitanWeb
  2. If you have activated your NetID you can enter your NetID password

NetID Activation/Change Password

You can change your password one of two ways:

From the Password Change Page

  1. Use the following link to get to the NetID Password Change Page, which will open a page that looks similar to what is below

Password Change Page

  1. Enter your NetID username do not include the @uwosh.edu (I don't know my NetID username, see NetID - What is my User Name?   )
  2. Enter your 7-digit ID number
  3. Enter your New Password (make sure it says Acceptable password to the right of the box)
  4. Enter your New Password Again (make sure it says Passwords match to the right of the box)
  5. Click the Change Password button
  6. You should see a screen that your NetID has been changed successfully
    • If you click the Change Password button and you get an error message in a red box like the one below, then either the NetID username or the 7-digit ID number is incorrect.
Error for incorrect NetID username

Incoming Applicant or Previous Student

  1. The user ID will be a capital W followed by your 7 digit student ID number
  2. The default password if you have never logged in will be the first two letters of your first name followed by the first two letters of your last name and the last four of your student ID number.

If you need further assistance please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 920-424-3020 or helpdesk@uwosh.edu.