D2L - Discussion Posts

Instructions for creating, editing, and replying to discussion posts in D2L. If you are required to post to a discussion forum, follow these easy steps.

Creating a New Post

  1. Click Discussions from the Navigation bar.
  2. Click the Title of the topic to which you would like to post.
  3. The screen will change to display any messages already posted, click the blue Start a New Thread button to create an original post. 
  4. Enter a Subject for the message in the space provided.
  5. Enter the text of your message in the content editor.
  6. If desired, attach a PDF, PowerPoint, or other file using the Add Attachments link.
  7. Click the Post button.
  8. Your post will be displayed within the discussion topic.

Editing a Post

  1. If you are inside a discussion topic, you will see a list of Threads.
  2. Click the desired thread to view the comments.
  3. Comments will be listed below the Thread.
  4. Each comment has the name of the person who posted it. 
  5. Next to the name, there is another drop down menu in the shape of a triangle.
  6. Click the Triangle.
  7. From this menu, you can delete or edit a post.
  8. If you edit a post, make sure to click the blue "Update" button when finished.

Deleting a Post

Students are not able to delete posts, they can be edited (see above), but not deleted.  Instructors CAN delete student posts; however, they are unable to edit them.

Replying to a Post

 You can post comments onto other people's comments. To do this just follow these instructions:

  1. While in the Topic where the posts are posted, you should see all of them in a list.
  2. Click the post that you wish to reply to.
  3. Click the blue "Reply to Thread" button.
  4. Enter the comment you would like to reply with.
  5. Click the blue "Post" button.

If you need further assistance please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 920-424-3020 or helpdesk@uwosh.edu