Projector - Status Indicator lights

Overview of indicator lights on campus ceiling mounted projectors and who to contact when indicator lights are illuminated

Projector Status Indicator Lights 

On each projector there are labeled indicator lights that can be used to diagnose problems.

When an Indicator Light Is Illuminated 

Please report any indicator lights to the Information Technology Help Desk at or (920)424-3020


Sanyo Projectors



  • Sage Hall

Indicator Lights

  • Lamp Replace
    • Solid Red - Will illuminate a solid red as it nears the end of the lamp life, it will still project at a lower quality
    • Flashing -Indicates the lamp has burnt out
  • Warning Filter
    • The "WARNING FILTER" light will illuminate yellow when the filter needs to be replaced. The projector will still function with a dirty filter 

NEC Projectors



  • Multiple academic buildings

Indicator Lights

Panasonic Projectors



If you need further assistance please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 920-424-3020 or