TitanApps/Google Drive (web) - Sharing Folders and Files

This document describes how to share files and folders in Google Drive with other users, including accessing the sharing menu and outlining the sharing options.

Finding the sharing settings

The sharing menu for files and folders can be accessed in several ways

Sharing settings and options

Wherever you access the sharing menu, the settings and options are the same.
Image shows "Share with others" dialog box in Google Drive.

Get shareable link

This method of sharing is not recommended, as it can take away control of who has access to the item from the person who created the item. At its most restrictive, anyone with a link to the shared item on the UW Oshkosh campus will be able to at least view the item.

Get shareable link generates a link that can be sent to others. Options allow for restricting access to anyone who has the link, anyone at UW Oshkosh who has the link, or for turning link sharing off, which would allow you to specify individuals who can access the shared file or folder. You can also specify whether those with access can either view the file or folder, or edit the file or folder.
Image shows Google Drive link sharing options.
To share using a shareable link:
  1. Open the sharing options.
  2. Click Get shareable link.
  3. Select level of sharing and whether those with the link can view or edit the shared item.
  4. Copy the link and send it to those with whom you want to share the item.


This is the recommended method for sharing, as it allows the creator of the shared item to control who can access it. People with whom an item has been shared will receive an email notification that the item has been shared with them. They will be able to access the item either from that email or in their Google Drive by clicking on Shared with me in the left menu.

  1. Enter the name(s) of the person(s) with whom the item is to be shared. Drive will suggest the names of other UW Oshkosh accounts.
    Item shows the "Share with others" dialog with "d2l" entered in the People box.
  2. Choose whether the person(s) can view or can edit the item.
  3. Adding a note is optional. Notes will be included in the email notification to the other users about the shared item.
  4. Click Send.
There is a link for advanced sharing options on the lower right. These options allow for changing a user's view/edit permissions, changing the ownership of the item to be transferred to a different user, and preventing those who can edit the item from changing the access to the item or sharing the item with other people.

To change a user's view/edit permission or transfer ownership, click on the permission drop-down menu to the right of their name and select a different permission or "is owner."
Image shows advanced sharing options menu with specific user permissions drop down menu expanded to display other options.

To prevent or allow the users who can edit the item from changing access or sharing the item with others, toggle the checkbox with this option at the bottom of the dialog box.
Image shows bottom of advanced sharing options dialog box with option to prevent editors from changing settings.

Note about sharing folders

Any folder shared in Google Drive will automatically share its contents with users who have access to the folder. This means that if you want to share several files with another user or group of other users, it can save you time to create a shared folder for the purposes of sharing those files. However, if you want to create a folder to hold a group of files, and you want to share only some of those files with others, you can either share those files individually or create a shared subfolder within the first folder.

Google Drive will prompt you when you try to add a file or folder to a shared folder.
Image shows "Share this file" dialog that pops up when adding a file to a shared folder.