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TitanApps Email/Gmail (web) - Emailing Google Drive Files and Folders

This document explains how to send folders and files from TitanApps/Google Drive through TitanApps Email/Gmail, including attaching the files to an email and setting sharing options.

Steps for sharing files and folders via Gmail

After logging into TitanApps Email/Gmail:

  1. Click Compose to begin a new message.
  2. Enter recipient(s), subject, and email body text.
  3. Click on the Drive icon Image of the Google Drive icon. at the bottom of the compose window.
    Image shows Gmail Compose window open with highlighted box around Drive icon at the bottom.
  4. Select the file(s) or folder(s) to send to recipent(s) and click Insert. An icon and the folder or file name will appear in the body of your email.
    Image shows body of email in Gmail compose window containing link to the selected Drive folder.
  5. Click Send.
  6. Depending on whether the files or folders are shared with the recipient(s), select sharing settings.
    • Sharing only with the recipients of the email (Recommended method)
      1. Click More options.
        Image shows sharing dialog box and a highlighting box around the "More options" link.
      2. Click Recipients of this email and select the appropriate permissions (can view/can edit) option.
        Image shows expanded sharing dialog box with "Recipients can view" option selected.
      3. Click Share & Send.
    • Send without sharing is not recommended as it requires the recipients of the email to take an additional step of requesting access to the shared item(s) from you. To send without sharing, simply click Send without sharing.
      Image shows sharing dialog box with hightlighting box around "Send without sharing" link.
    • Sharing to anyone with the link is also not recommended, as it takes away the control of the owner of the shared documents over who may access them. If the Can Edit permission is set, this means that anyone can edit the document, whether the owner emailed the link to them or someone else did.

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