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TitanApps/Google Drive - Getting Started

This article provides an introduction to Google Drive by going over common functions, including login, creating and uploading files and folders, sharing files and folders, emailing files and folders, and accessing shared files and folders.

  • Logging in to Google Drive
    • After opening a browser and going to

      1. Enter your UWO email address, which is your NetID followed by
        Image shows TitanApps/Google Accounts username login box.
      2. Click Next
      3. If this is your first time logging into the account the temporary password is your 7 digit campus ID number
        1. It will prompt you to accept the google agreement
        2. Then it will prompt you to change the password.
      4. Otherwise if this is not the first time logging in and you have changed your password enter the password you normally use with your email.
        Image shows TitanApps/Google Account password login page
      5. Click Sign In.

      If you need further assistance please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 920-424-3020 or

  • Creating a new document
    • Opening a New Document

      1. After logging in to Google Drive, click the New > Google Docs.
        Image shows the New button in Google Drive for creating new documents.
      2. A new tab will open in your browser with a new blank document.

      Giving the Document a Title

      1. Click on Untitled Document in the upper left of the screen.
        Image shows where the Google Document title appears, with the Untitled Document default.
      2. In the dialog box that pops up, delete Untitled Document, type in your title, and click Save.
        Image shows pop-up in Google Docs wherein the document title can be edited.
      3. Click OK.

      Saving the Document

      There is no need to save the document as it is will automatically save so long as it is connected to the Internet. The document will notify you in a space to the right of the menus at the top of the document.

      For example, while saving:
      Image shows a Google Document's saving notification.

      And after saving:
      Image shows Google Document's "All changes saved" notification.
  • Creating a folder
    • After logging in to Google Drive,

      1. Click on New > Folder
        Image shows the option to create a new folder opened by clicking the New button.
      2. Enter a title for the new folder.
        Image shows the New folder title dialog box.
      3. The new folder will appear in your Drive. To access its contents, double click anywhere within the highlighted area shown in the image below.
        Image shows new folder as it appears in Drive.
      4. To get back to your My Drive folder, click My Drive in the menu on the left.
        Image shows the navigation menu on the left, with the My Drive link highlighted.

      If you need further assistance please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 920-424-3020 or

  • Uploading a file
      1. After logging in to Google Drive, click New > File Upload.
        Image shows the File Upload option under the expanded New button menu.
      2. Find and select the document you want to upload on your computer.
      3. A status bar at the bottom right of the window will provide information about the upload's progress.
        Image shows Google Drive file upload status bar.
      4. Once uploaded, your document will appear in your My Drive space.
      Opening the Uploaded Document

      1. The sample document uploaded is a Word document, indicated by the W icon to the left of its name.
        Image shows the uploaded document next to a W icon.
      2. Double-clicking on the file name opens the document in preview mode. The menu pictured below will appear across the top of the page, above an un-editable preview of the document.
        Image shows menu that appears above a document opened in preview mode.
      3. Click Open next to the blue Google Docs icon. This will open an editable copy of the document in Google Docs.
        Image shows uploaded document opened in Google Docs editing mode.
      4. Back in Google Drive, there will now be two copies of the document. One is the original Word document, and the other is the new Google document.
        Image shows two versions of the uploaded document--Word and Google Doc--in Google Drive.
      Some features from Word may not work the same way in Google Docs. The same functionality may be there, but accessible in a different way. Please contact the Help Desk if you run into any difficulties with this.

      If you need further assistance please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 920-424-3020 or

  • Sharing files and folders
    • Finding the sharing settings

      The sharing menu for files and folders can be accessed in several ways

      • In Google Drive, click once on any file and folder and the sharing button (Image shows the Google Drive sharing icon.) will appear in the menu at the top of the page, pictured below. Click on it to access the sharing setting for selected file or folder.
        Image shows the Google Drive top menu.
      • Inside of any folder in Google Drive, with no files or folders selected, the sharing button (Google Drive sharing icon) for that folder is in the top menu.
      • Inside of any folder, the sharing options for that folder may also be accessed via the menu that drops down after selecting the arrow to the right of the folder name.
        Images shows drop down menu featuring the share button.
      • After opening a Google Document, Sheet, or other Google format for editing, a blue Share button appears in the upper right of the page. The image below is from an opened Google Doc.
        Image shows top menu in Google Docs with share button at right.
      • Items opened in preview mode in Google Drive will have the sharing button (Googe Drive sharing button) in the menu at the top.Image show top menu for file opened in Googl Drive preview mode.

      Sharing settings and options

      Wherever you access the sharing menu, the settings and options are the same.
      Image shows "Share with others" dialog box in Google Drive.

      Get shareable link

      This method of sharing is not recommended, as it can take away control of who has access to the item from the person who created the item. At its most restrictive, anyone with a link to the shared item on the UW Oshkosh campus will be able to at least view the item.

      Get shareable link generates a link that can be sent to others. Options allow for restricting access to anyone who has the link, anyone at UW Oshkosh who has the link, or for turning link sharing off, which would allow you to specify individuals who can access the shared file or folder. You can also specify whether those with access can either view the file or folder, or edit the file or folder.
      Image shows Google Drive link sharing options.
      To share using a shareable link:
      1. Open the sharing options.
      2. Click Get shareable link.
      3. Select level of sharing and whether those with the link can view or edit the shared item.
      4. Copy the link and send it to those with whom you want to share the item.


      This is the recommended method for sharing, as it allows the creator of the shared item to control who can access it. People with whom an item has been shared will receive an email notification that the item has been shared with them. They will be able to access the item either from that email or in their Google Drive by clicking on Shared with me in the left menu.

      1. Enter the name(s) of the person(s) with whom the item is to be shared. Drive will suggest the names of other UW Oshkosh accounts.
        Item shows the "Share with others" dialog with "d2l" entered in the People box.
      2. Choose whether the person(s) can view or can edit the item.
      3. Adding a note is optional. Notes will be included in the email notification to the other users about the shared item.
      4. Click Send.
      There is a link for advanced sharing options on the lower right. These options allow for changing a user's view/edit permissions, changing the ownership of the item to be transferred to a different user, and preventing those who can edit the item from changing the access to the item or sharing the item with other people.

      To change a user's view/edit permission or transfer ownership, click on the permission drop-down menu to the right of their name and select a different permission or "is owner."
      Image shows advanced sharing options menu with specific user permissions drop down menu expanded to display other options.

      To prevent or allow the users who can edit the item from changing access or sharing the item with others, toggle the checkbox with this option at the bottom of the dialog box.
      Image shows bottom of advanced sharing options dialog box with option to prevent editors from changing settings.

      Note about sharing folders

      Any folder shared in Google Drive will automatically share its contents with users who have access to the folder. This means that if you want to share several files with another user or group of other users, it can save you time to create a shared folder for the purposes of sharing those files. However, if you want to create a folder to hold a group of files, and you want to share only some of those files with others, you can either share those files individually or create a shared subfolder within the first folder.

      Google Drive will prompt you when you try to add a file or folder to a shared folder.
      Image shows "Share this file" dialog that pops up when adding a file to a shared folder.
  • Emailing files and folders
    • Steps for sharing files and folders via Gmail

      After logging into TitanApps Email/Gmail:

      1. Click Compose to begin a new message.
      2. Enter recipient(s), subject, and email body text.
      3. Click on the Drive icon Image of the Google Drive icon. at the bottom of the compose window.
        Image shows Gmail Compose window open with highlighted box around Drive icon at the bottom.
      4. Select the file(s) or folder(s) to send to recipent(s) and click Insert. An icon and the folder or file name will appear in the body of your email.
        Image shows body of email in Gmail compose window containing link to the selected Drive folder.
      5. Click Send.
      6. Depending on whether the files or folders are shared with the recipient(s), select sharing settings.
        • Sharing only with the recipients of the email (Recommended method)
          1. Click More options.
            Image shows sharing dialog box and a highlighting box around the "More options" link.
          2. Click Recipients of this email and select the appropriate permissions (can view/can edit) option.
            Image shows expanded sharing dialog box with "Recipients can view" option selected.
          3. Click Share & Send.
        • Send without sharing is not recommended as it requires the recipients of the email to take an additional step of requesting access to the shared item(s) from you. To send without sharing, simply click Send without sharing.
          Image shows sharing dialog box with hightlighting box around "Send without sharing" link.
        • Sharing to anyone with the link is also not recommended, as it takes away the control of the owner of the shared documents over who may access them. If the Can Edit permission is set, this means that anyone can edit the document, whether the owner emailed the link to them or someone else did.
  • Accessing shared files and folders
    • Accessing shared files and folders can depend on how the files and folders have been shared with you. The owner of the documents may have given you permission, with or without a notification email, or may have chosen to send you a link to the shared file or folder.

      Invitation email

      If the owner of the shared item sent an invitation email, click Open in the message.
      Image shows Google Drive sharing invitation email with Open button.

      In addition to the link in the email, the shared item will appear in your Google Drive. To access it there, login to your Drive and click Shared with me in the left menu.

      Image shows Google Drive with "Shared with me" link selected in left menu and shared folder visible on the right.

      Shared link

      If the owner sent you a link to a shared item, you can access the item with the link.
      Image shows Gmail message with link to shared folder.

      If you would like to access the item in the future without having to find the email with the link, you can add the item to Drive by going to shared item and clicking on the Add to Drive button at the upper right of the window.
      Image shows the Add to Drive button in a shared Google Drive folder.

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