Vendor Remote Access

Obtain remote access for vendors providing software support to campus departments.

How to obtain remote access for vendors

When a department on campus purchases a software product that will require a vendor to access campus owned computer equipment (typically a Server), the Vendor in question will be required to sign and return a Vendor Liability Form found here: Vendor Liability Form

After all signatures have been collected and the form is filed the process for accessing the Server(s) in question will be:
  1. The vendor will make their client (UWO Department) aware of the need for remote access.
  2. UWO staff will contact the Help Desk and create a new ticket to have the vendor account enabled. 
  3. The ticket should contain the following information:
    • Name and contact info for the vendor.
    • What Server(s) they need access too.
    • Starting and ending date for access.

If you need further assistance please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 920-424-3020 or