Phone - Special Features

These features are capabilities of your campus phone.

Call Transfer on Campus

  1. Depress switch hook on phone or flash button
  2. Dial 4 digit number
  3. After the number rings, hang up or announce caller and then hang up
  4. If busy, depress switch hook or flash button twice to get original call back

Speed Calling

  • Stores up to 6 frequently called numbers.  
To Store Number
  1. Dial 68
  2. Pick any number between 2 and 7 
  3. Dial complete number including area code if applicable
  4. Listen for confirmation tone (beep, beep)


  • There is no cost for this service.

Call Forward 

Forward to on Campus Phones

  1. Dial 65 and the four (4) digit campus telephone number where you want calls to be forwarded to
    • If you do not have voicemail you cannot forward to a telephone number that does have voicemail
    • If you have voicemail and the person you are forwarding to does not have voicemail the caller will get a busy or a don't answer signal
    • If you have voicemail and the person you are forwarding to also has voicemail, the system knows enough to come back to your voicemail and leave a message.  It will not go into the person's voicemail you are forwarding your calls to

Forward to Off Campus Phones

  1. Dial 65 and the telephone number exactly the way you would if you were calling it from you telephone
    • 9+xxx-xxxx (local)
    • 8+1-xxx-xxx-xxxx (long distance)

Unforward your Phone

  1. Dial 66
If you come back to the office and your phone has a short ring and then nothing, that is a reminder ring that your phone was forwarded.  You will need to unforward it.

Oshkosh Extension of 651

Please dial “9” before dialing the Oshkosh extension of 651. If you don't, you will accidentally forward your phone to some number that doesn’t exist or to a campus number. You will know if you accidentally forwarded your phone because you will not receive any calls and your phone will have a short ring when a call is trying to come in.  

Three Way Calling

Allows three (3) people, including yourself, to be on a existing call
  1. Establish the call with your 1st party
  2. Depress the switch hook or flash key once, putting caller on hold, and then dial the next party
  3. When that party answers press switch hook or flash once and begin the three way conversation

You Get Busy Signal

  1. Depress the switch hook or flash once to get original caller back

You Get No Answer

  1. Depress switch hook or flash twice to return to original caller back

Instructions for 6 Way Conferencing

This allows for caller to connect to six (6) other people including themselves
  1. Dial first telephone number
  2. Switch hook or flash key putting person on hold
  3. Dial 60, you will get first caller back
  4. Switch hook or flash key, putting person on hold
  5. Dial 2nd telephone number
  6. Switch hook or flash, key putting two people on hold
  7. Dial 60, you will get the two callers back
  8. Switch hook or flash key, putting two people on hold
  9. Dial 3rd telephone number
  10. Switch hook or flash key, putting 3 people on hold
  11. Dial 60, you will get the three callers back
  12. Switch hook or flash key, putting three people on hold
  13. Dial 4th telephone number, etc.., etc...
Follow these instructions until you get all 6 parties on line.
Dialing 60 enables all the parties to get together and when you switch hook or flash key, you are putting all the parties on hold until you dial the next telephone number. Always end with dialing 60, this connects everyone.

If you need further assistance please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 920-424-3020 or

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