Symantec Antivirus - Windows Installation Instructions

This document explains how to download and install the antivirus program Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) for at-home use. This install is intended solely for active students, staff, and faculty.

How to download and install Symantec Endpoint Protection on Windows (SEP).

Symantec Endpoint Protection is a service that will help keep your computer safe from viruses and spyware as well as network threats. With SEP you can keep your computer up to date against the latest threats and scan specific files.

At the download page there should be the option to download either the 32bit edition or the 64bit edition, if you do not know which version is right for your computer you can check by going to the start menu, then click on 'control panel' then go to 'system and security' then click on 'system.' Under the system label it should display the system type.

 Begin by downloading the SEP package from the download page if you have not already.

  1. After the download, click on the executable file. The install wizard will pop up, click 'next.'

  2. Click 'Accept' to the End User License Agreement and click 'next.' 

  3. At this point you might be asked whether you would like to choose a 'Typical' install or a 'Custom' install, click the radio button for 'Typical Install.' 

  4. This next screen will explain to you that SEP would like your permission to collect and forward SEP-related data to help further improve their services and data collection. If you do not want this then deselect the check-box and click 'next.' The service and installation will be unaffected whether or not you choose to 'join the fight against digital cybercrime.' 

  5. The wizard will be ready to begin installation, click 'next' to begin installation. 

  6. The install wizard will begin installing SEP, wait until it is done. It should only a few minutes.  

  7. After this SEP might begin to download and install new definitions via LiveUpdate, this should only take a moment.
  8. If SEP does not ask to perform Live Update you should see this screen along with a request to start your computer. The machine is not protected by SEP until the computer has been restarted, make sure to restart the computer once the install completes.