Plone - Adding a Photo to a Page

Instructions to add a photo to a Plone website

To add a photo to a Plone site you will need to do the following:
  1. Save the photo to a folder within the site
  2. Insert the photo on the page

Insert/Save the Photo

  1. Go to the page you would like to insert the photo on
  2. You will need have permissions and be logged in with your NetID username and password to edit the Plone website to make this change
  3. Click on the Edit tab
  4. Place your mouse cursor at the location you would like to insert the image
  5. Select the insert image button Insert Imageon the toolbar
  6. Navigate to the Plone folder where you would like to save the image to, the breadcrumbs across the top will show you the current folder location
    • If you are not at the location of where you want to save the image click on Home and navigate to the folder you would like to save the image to.
    Image Folder
  7. Click on the Upload button in the bottom left corner of the window
  8. A third column will show at the right with a browse button
  9. Click on the Browse button

    Image Save Location

  10. Navigate to the location where the photo is saved on the computer
  11. Double click the image (or click on it and select open)
  12. The image name should now show to the right of the browse button
  13. Give the image a title
  14. Type in the description of the image
  15. Click on the Upload button (this will save the image to the Plone folder)
  16. Select OK (this will insert the image on the page)