Plone RSS - Display KnowledgeBase articles on a webpage

This will show you how to embed a customized search that will display current updated articles on a Plone webpage.


You need to perform a search on KnowledgeBase that shows your desired results. For our example were going to search for articles related to "Plone". 

KnowledgeBase RSS (XML) 


Were now going to add that RSS/XML feed to a Plone portlet. You will need to have manager access to your Plone site. You will know you have the correct access if after logging into plone you see "Manage Portlets" at the bottom of the right or left column.

That's it! Return to your home page to see the results. 
This is a nice way to have an always current list of articles relating to your subject that you don't have to monitor. As new articles are created in the KnowledgeBase that match your topic they will simply appear in the portlet.