Room Scheduling

Information on what resources are used on campus to schedule spaces

What Do I Use to Schedule a Room?

There are multiple resources on campus for scheduling rooms, so how you schedule the room is dependent on what kind of room and the location you are looking to schedule.

  1. TitanApps (Google) Calendar
    • Used for:  Small conference rooms and group study rooms open to the public

  2. Registrar's Office - Room Scheduling
    • Used for:  Scheduling/reserving general access classrooms and teaching labs

  3. 25 Live
    • Used for:  Scheduling certain areas on campus

  4. Group finder
    • Used for:  Allows student to schedule and organize study groups in the library

TitanApps Calendars

What Calendars are Available in TitanApps?

What Campus wide Room Resources are Available to Schedule?

  1. View/Subscribe to Campus wide Conference Room Resources
  2. Click on Resources for
  3. Select Subscribe at the right of the calendar you want.
  4. Click the <<Back to calendar link at the top of the screen
  5. The calendar will show under Other calendars at the left of the screen

Other Calendars

Schedule a Campus wide Room in Titan Apps

  1. Go to your calendar
  2. Navigate to the date and time of the event
  3. Drag over the date and time of the event open the create event window by selecting Edit Event
  4. Enter in all of the event details
  5. Select the room link at the right of the screen
  6. Click Add next to the specific room you would like to reserve (invite)
  7. The room is added as a guest
  8. Select Save

Registrar's Office - Room Scheduling

  1. Reserving a General Access Classroom or Teaching Lab
  2. For additional information please email room scheduling directly:

25 Live Calendars

Who uses 25 Live

Space schedulers for specific functions on campus use 25Live to schedule certain spaces.

How does a Space Scheduler Log in to 25Live

If you are a space scheduler you log into 25Live with your NetID user name and password

Current Departments using 25 Live

Current Departments using 25Live to schedule the spaces for which they are responsible include:

  1. Athletics - Oshkosh Sports Complex and adjacent fields
  2. Campus Recreation - Building spaces, campus fields, specific spaces in Kolf & Albee
  3. Registrar - General access classrooms and teaching labs
  4. Alumni Welcome & Conference Center - Conference rooms
  5. Reeve Union - Building spaces (Reeve & Blackhawk), Albee Patio, Assembly Hall
  6. Human Kinetics - Departmental spaces in Albee
  7. Kinesiology - Departmental spaces in Albee

How to Request a Reservation for these Rooms in these specific areas