TitanAdmin - Maintain Employee Text

Enter and maintain the text that serves as a template for employee emails and contracts.



  1. Navigate to Main Menu > UWO Human Resources > Contracts > Employee Text Table
  2. Use the search dialog to pick a Text Code. -- 57353 
  3. Enter the Effective Date when the text should start to be used.
    Entering effective date
  4. Enter a Subject if the text will be used in an email.  This will appear as the subject of the email the employee receives.
    Entering subject
  5. Enter the Body of Text. The text will appear in the email or contract as it is entered, except any placeholders will be replaced with the corresponding information for the specific employee.
    Entering body of text


Placeholders indicate where in the text information for each employee should be placed when the email or contract is prepared and sent.  All placeholders must be in upper case and enclosed in square brackets.
 Placeholder  Value
 [NAME] Employee's name 
 [FIRSTNAME] Employee's first name
 [LASTNAME] Employee's last name
 [HRSEMPLID] Employee's HRS ID 
 [UWOEMPLID] Employee's UW Oshkosh ID 
 [TITLE] Employee's title -- The title override is used if entered 
 [DEPT] Department (university organization) the employee works in for the contract 
 [CONTRACTPERIOD] Period the contract is for 
 [LUMPSUM] Lump sum amount the employee is paid for the contract 
 [FTE] Employee's FTE for the contract 
 [BASESALARY] Employee's base salary for the contract 
 [ACTUALSALARY] Employee's actual salary for the contract 
 [STARTINGDATE] Date when the contract starts 
 [ENDINGDATE] Date when the contract ends 
 [DATE] Date when the email/contract is sent to the employee 
 [REFreferNAME] Name of a person in the refer list 
 [REFreferFIRSTNAME] First name of a person in the refer list 
 [REFreferLASTNAME] Last name of a person in the refer list 
 [REFreferHRSEMPLID] HRS ID of a person in the refer list 
 [REFreferUWOEMPLID] UW Oshkosh ID of a person in the refer list
 [REFreferTITLE] Title of a person in the refer list
 [REFreferDEPT] Department (university organization) of a person in the refer list 
 [COMMENTS] Information entered as comments on the contract page
 [AMENDED]Flag in bold text on the contract that indicates it has been amended. - If this placeholder is alone in a separate paragraph, the whole paragraph will be removed if it is blank.

In all placeholders for a person in the refer list, refer indicates where the Refer Type code must be.  If RECOM was the code for a recommender and SUPVR was the code for a supervisor, then [REFRECOMNAME] would be the place holder for the recommender's name and [REFSUPVRNAME] for the supervisor's name.

Subsequent Activity

  1. Assign text to the email and contract for each contract period. -- TitanAdmin - Maintain the Contract Type Table
  2. Send email and contracts using the text to employees. -- TitanAdmin - Send Rehire Contracts by Email