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Mailing List - Send an Email to a Campus Email List

The university maintains email distribution lists for the purpose of providing email addresses sorted by specific categories (i.e. all employees, faculty, students, seniors, etc).

Campus Email Lists

Email List Use:
  • Users may send messages to the lists directly (use the email address shown on the tables below). The moderator will review the content for appropriateness and approve or deny the message.
  • All student, faculty, and staff lists will be moderated by offices most closely related to those constituents rather than by IT.
  • The offices responsible for list moderation are shown below.
  • You must use a university email account to post to these lists (email domain of You cannot use email addresses from other providers (i.e.
  • Email attachments may not be sent to these email lists.  Either link to a webpage or insert a file using the Google Drive button (instructions).
  • Do not add a list address to your contact list or address book.
  • Email lists may not be used for personal or commercial gain. Information sent to these lists must be related to the group being emailed and pertain to University business (see UW Oshkosh Acceptable Use of Computing Resources Policy).
  • The Announcements list may only be used for university event announcements and will be moderated.
    • Users may still opt out of the Announcements list.
    • To report or search for lost or found, visit Titan Central (920-424-1234 or
  • The Discussions email list may be used to discuss and debate current issues and topics of interest to the university community.
    • Users may still opt out of the Discussions list.
  • Please contact the UW Oshkosh Help Desk (920-424-3020 or with any questions or concerns.

Who Moderates Email Lists

Chancellors Office:    

     Contact information:  (920) 424-0200 or

Human Resources Office (HR):

     Contact information:  (920) 424-1166 or

University Marketing and Communications Office (UMC):

     Contact information:  (920) 424-2442 or

VC for Student Affairs Office:

     Contact information:  (920) 424-4000 or

Another option to send out upcoming event information to students is to send the information to  The Student Affairs office will review and add your event information to an email that is sent to all students each weekday. This email will have the subject line, 'Campus Events & Announcements' and allows students to receive one email with information about multiple events, instead of receiving many emails.

To reduce the number of separate emails being sent to students, the moderator for the student email lists reserves the right to add event information from your email into the weekly Campus Events & Announcements email as described above.

Provost / VC for Academic Affairs Office:

     Contact information:  (920) 424-0300 or

Moderated Email Lists

 Email Address Moderator Purpose
 official campus communication to all employees, includes all classifications
 sending university event information that would otherwise be printed, duplicated, and sent through intercampus mail
 official campus forum for employees to discuss and debate current issues and topics of interest to the university community
 official campus communication to all faculty (formally part of instructional, see instracademic)
freshmen@massmail.uwosh.eduStu Affairs
 official communication to all students with freshman status
 official campus communication to graduate assistants, in their employee role
graduate@massmail.uwosh.eduStu Affairs official communication to all graduate students
 official campus communication to instructional academic staff
 (formally part of instructional, see faculty)
junior@massmail.uwosh.eduStu Affairs official communication to all students with junior status
 official campus communication to academic non-instructional staff
(formally known as academic)
senior@massmail.uwosh.eduStu Affairs official communication to all students with senior status
sophomore@massmail.uwosh.eduStu Affairs official communication to all students with sophomore status
students@massmail.uwosh.eduStu Affairs official communication to all students
 official campus communication to LTEs
undergrad@massmail.uwosh.eduStu Affairs official communication to all undergraduate students
 official campus communication to classified staff, without LTEs
(formally known as classified)

If you need further assistance please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 920-424-3020 or

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