Adobe Photoshop - File Formats

File formats are different ways to save a file. They have many different attributes and are used for various applications such as web, publishing, print, and photography.

Photoshop PSD

PSDs can save many different options. They should be used as a master file and should be the only ones edited in Photoshop.

Photoshop PDF

This type of file should be used when Photoshop or Adobe Acrobat reader isn’t available. Sending a file in this format allows for a password to set, controlling who can see the file and who can print it.


This format saves all the photoshop features and works with programs that can’t read layers. It should be used for higher quality photos as the sizes can be extremely large and there is no compression of the file.



This format supports only 256 colors. Tt has become the go to standard for soundless animations on the web. For still imagery, this file format is mainly used for logos.


This format can use a full alpha channel mask, and has 256 levels of transparency.


Digital Negative Format is a completely open archive format for raw captures.

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