Adobe Photoshop - Artistic Filters

This guide will show you how to apply artistic filers.

Artistic Filters


While artistic filters are not available as adjustment layers, an original image can be easily retained by making that image a smart object, or duplicating the image layer prior to making any modifications. Because of the vast number of filters available, this is a great tool to experiment with.

To add a Filter:

  1. Select the layer on which the filter should be applied.
  2. Select Filter from the top menu bar.
  3. Choose the filter type desired.
  4. Choose the specific filter desired.
    • If the filter has any additional settings, it will be designated by … after the filter name. If that filter is selected, the additional settings will pop up in another window. Press OK when desired settings are selected.
  5. Filter should automatically apply to the image.
original photo:

Here are examples of some Artistic Filters:

Dust Scratches:
Iris Blur:

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