Adobe Photoshop - Saving

This document gives you instructions and options when saving in adobe photoshop.

Before exiting Photoshop, save project files on the computer’s hard drive or other media.

Saving files from time to time while working is a good idea, so that there is always a recent copy safely stored on a storage device.

To Save:

  1. Choose File > Save As to store a file already saved with a different name, or even a file with the same name but in a different location.
  2. Choose File > Save to store the current file with its present name, or simply update an existing file.
  3. Navigate to the folder the file should be stored in.
  4. Type a name in the File Name (Save As on the Mac) text box.
  5. Click Save to store the image

Saving for Web

A graphic or photo is properly ready for the web if it’s resolution is 72 dpi, color mode is RGB, and generally reduced in file size for faster loading web pages.


To Achieve this, go to File > Save for Web.

  1. Click on the 2-Up tab at the top of the Save for Web dialogue box.
  2. Under the format drop down menu, there is the option to choose GIF, JPEG, PNG-8, PNG-24 or WBMP

3.Choose a file format that fits the needs of the project.
4.Choose a quality level for jpg or number of colors for gif.
5.Keep Convert to sRGB checked if the image will be posted to the web.
6.Choose to include or leave out Copyright and Contact Info.
7.Resize the image if necessary
8.Choose a location for the file on a storage device.
9.Click Save.

When Save for Web is used, Photoshop saves off a copy of the document. And when it's finished saving, it returns back to the image that was being modified and leaves that master, layered file untouched. So when trying to make the smallest file possible for sharing, use Photoshop Save For Web command.

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