Adobe Illustrator - Resize Artwork

This guide will show you how to resize artwork on an artboard.



  1. Select the Artwork that needs to be resized.
  2. A bounding box will appear around the outside of the artwork.
    • A bounding box is simply an invisible container that holds the objects that make up the artwork together. The bounding box controls all of the resizing directly on screen.
    • In the four corners of the bounding box, there are four little squares.These  are called control points
  3. Move the cursor to the control points, it will turn into two little arrows point in the directions the artwork will be resized.
  4. Click and drag in these directions to resize the artwork.

Constrain Proportion

  • In most cases artwork should be resized equally on all sides up or down.
  • When resizing artwork  make sure that the proportion of the artwork is constrained. Unless of course distortion is the intention, but in most cases, it is best to scale equally on all sides up or down.
  • To do that, utilize what is called a modifier key, and in this case, the modifier key is the Shift key. When resizing artwork using the method above, hold the Shift Key to constrain the proportions of the artwork. 

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