Adobe InDesign - Saving and Reverting Documents

This guide will show you how to properly save a document.


Changes in the document are seen in the upper left corner box where the document name is displayed, shown by a small star. This means there have been changes since it was last saved.

To Save:

  1. Click File then Save
  2. Click File, then Save As,
    1. This saves a new version of the document and does not overwrite the old one.
    2. Choose the destination of the saved document and a file name.
    3. To save the document in a different format choose the format from the dropdown menu.
      • A InDesign Document is the standard format. Changes can be made to this document.
      • A Template will not allow any changes in the future.
      • An IDML file is a format that allows the current document to be compatible with older versions of InDesign.
  3. Click File, then, save a copy,

Undo and Re-Do

  1. InDesign allows for unlimited undos, this is done by pressing
  2. Re-Do, the opposite of undo, is used by pressing the following:
  3. To revert to the last save point, select revert from the Edit menu.

Save early, save often!

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