Audacity - Adding Tracks

This document will show you how to add tracks to your project in a variety of ways.

When working with multiple tracks or adding new tracks, it can be useful to change the name of a track.

  1. Select the track name by the x in the top left corner of the track. 
  2. Select Name from the pop-up menu.
  3. Add whatever name is needed.

There are multiple ways to record tracks in Audacity.

Recording a New Track

Recording a new portion of the current track

Recording a new track starting at the end of the current track

  1. Press the Skip button, which will put the selection tool at the end of the current track.
  2. Press the Record button to record a new track.
  3. If a portion of either track needs to be deleted, select and delete that portion.
  4. To align the beginning of the second track with the ending of the first track, select the Time Shift tool from the Audacity Tools Toolbar
  5. Click and drag the the second track to line up with the end of the first track. When the yellow line appears, the tracks will line up.

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