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Microsoft Excel 2016 - Print Preview & Page Breaks

This guide will show you how to properly check what the sheets look like and how they will print out or look in PDF form.

Being able to preview what will be printed is very useful as it also shows how many pages the document is. Page breaks will also show how many cells can fit in one sheet. 

  1. On a PC, select the File tab. Then, select Print. This shows the print preview and amount of pages. On Mac, select File > Print to see the print preview & amount of pages.

Page Layout


    Changing the page layout can be very helpful from changing the format to landscape to adding headers to every printed page.

    Page Breaks

    1. Select the Layout tab.
    2. On PC, select Breaks tool. On Mac, check the Breaks box.


    1. Select the Layout tab.
    2. Select the Orientation tool and choose from Portrait and Landscape on the drop-down menu.


    1. Select the Layout tab.
    2. Select Header & Footer tool. 
    3. Customize the Header and Footer to what is desired.

Previewing Page Breaks & Page Layout


    While Page Breaks shows up on the spreadsheet once selected, it can be easier to visualize the finished product by switching to the Page Layout view. The amount of data that will show on a page can also be changed.


    1. In the bottom right-hand corner of Excel, select the Page Layout view. 
      • This will show the page breaks and which data will appear on each page
    2. Select the Page Break and move it to the desired column to put all data on a single set of pages by left-clicking and dragging the Page Break.


    1. In the bottom left-hand corner of Excel, select the Page Layout view.
      • This will show the page breaks and which data will appear on each page.
    2. Select the Layout tab.
    3. Select Scale and lower or raise the number until all the data fills a single set of pages.

Page Setup


    There are many parts of a page setup that can be customized to the desired format.

    1. Select Page Layout tab.
    2. Select the Dialogue Box Launcher for the Page Setup tools.


    1. Select File > Print.
    2. Select Page Setup.

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