Microsoft Excel 2016 - Cooperative Workbooks

This guide will show you how to share workbooks as well as how to protect those shared workbooks.

Sharing Workbooks


Sharing workbooks can be essential. It is relatively simple to do so but there are certain functions that do not work in shared files such as Tables.

  1. Select the Review Tab.
  2. Select Share Workbook.
  3. Set Advanced Settings at user discretion.

Protecting Workbooks


Sometimes when sharing a workbook in a shared folder there are still people who shouldn’t have access to the file. Password protection allows only certain users to have access.
  1. Select File > Save As.
  2. Select Options from the Save As Window.
  3. Pick which option works best.

Tracking Changes


If there are multiple people working on a file, it may be important to keep track of who is changing what and how often.
  1. Select the Review Tab.
  2. Select the Track Changes tool.
  3. Select Highlight Changes
  4. Edit settings as required.

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