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iMovie - Interface Overview

This article describes the purpose of each of the 4 main interface areas in iMovie.

Understanding the user interface is important to use iMovie effectively.

There are four main components in the user interface:

  • Library Pane
  • Browser
  • Project Timeline Pane
  • Viewer Pane

Labeled view of the iMovie interface.

The Library Pane

The Library Pane, situated along the left-hand side of the screen, contains iMovie projects and imported videos, organized into units called Events. Clicking on an Event changes the content of the Browser to reflect the contents of the Event. The Library Pane can be hidden and brought back by clicking the Library display button. button.

The Browser

The Browser displays the media (iMovie projects, video and audio clips, pictures, etc.) contained in the Event currently selected in the Library Pane. Clips can be selected, played, and rated, among other things, in the Browser.

The Project Timeline Pane

The Project Timeline Pane is where an iMovie project is developed. Media can be dragged from the Browser and arranged into the order desired by the user. Special effects, transitions, and other tools are available for use on the clips in the Project Timeline Pane.

The Viewer Pane

The Viewer Pane is used to preview media, either from the Browser or the Project Timeline Pane. A full or partial clip, when selected in one of the other panes, will show up in the Viewer Pane and can be played.

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