iMovie - Adding Clips to a Project

This article describes how to add clips to an iMovie project.

Projects consist of one or more pieces of media (clips, pictures, etc.), so it is important to know how to add these to a project.

Opening a Project

The Project Timeline Pane is in the lower half of the iMovie window. In its default state, it has rectangles with dotted lines to represent where clips could go. 

If only the Viewer Pane and the Browser are visible, that means that there is no project open. To fix this:

  1. Go to File > New Movie.
  2. Select the desired theme depending on the type of project and click Create.
  3. The Project Timeline Pane will appear along the bottom of the window.

Alternatively, an already-created project can be selected in the Library Pane by choosing All Projects and selecting a project in the Browser.

Selecting and Adding a Clip

To select and add a clip to the current project, follow these instructions:

  1. In the Library Pane, select the Event that contains the desired clip. The Event’s contents will appear in the Browser.
  2. Navigate to the clip in the Browser and click on the desired starting point within the clip.
  3. Click and drag until a portion of the clip is selected. A yellow box will appear to show what part of the clip has been selected.
  4. Click and drag the clip selection into the Project Viewer pane. Clips can be reordered as desired by clicking and dragging them.

Clips can be dragged into the spaces between clips, or can be dragged on top of other clips. When doing the latter option, a menu will pop up asking if the new clip should replace the old clip or be inserted into the middle of the clip.