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iMovie - Fine-Tuning Clips

This article will go over how to fine-tune a project once it is started.

Trimming Clips in the Project Viewer Pane

If there are parts of clips in the Project Timeline Pane that need to be trimmed, do the following steps:

  1. Click and drag the portion of the clip that should be kept.
  2. Click Modify > Trim Selection, or press Option + /.
  3. If too much was trimmed, or more needs to be trimmed, double click the black bar following the clip in the Project Timeline Pane and adjust as needed.
    • When finished, click in the gray area of the Project Viewer Pane to go back to the regular timeline.

Splitting Clips

Clips can be split in the Project Viewer Pane in order to independently rearrange parts of clips or insert clips in the middle of an existing clip.

  1. Click in the middle of a clip in order to set the playhead (white vertical line with a triangle on top) at the point where the clip should be split.
  2. Right-click and choose Split clip, or press Command + B.

Merging Clips

To merge clips in the Project Timeline Pane, hold Shift and click the adjacent clips that should be merged, then go to Modify > Join Clips or press Command + Shift + B.

Cropping and Rotating Media

It may be necessary to crop media in order to cut out details or change the aspect ratio of footage. 

  1. Click on the clip to be cropped and press the Crop icon. button in the Viewer Pane. A white box will appear over the clip.
  2. Click and drag the corners of the white box resize the area shown by the clip.
  3. Click inside the white box and drag in order to change what is shown.

Additionally, the Rotate buttons. buttons that appear in the Viewer Pane while using crop can be clicked in order to rotate the clip.

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