iMovie - Incorporating Photos

This article will walk through the basics of using photos within an iMovie project.

Importing Photos

Importing photos works just like importing clips: either click Import and select the images to be imported, or click and drag them from Desktop or Finder into an event in the Library Pane. Alternatively, iPhoto Library can be chosen in the Library Pane to get access to any images in iPhoto.

Configuring Photo Settings

There are three different ways to have photos appear in a project:

To change how image files display in the project, do the following:

  1. Go to Window > Movie Properties or press Command + J.
  2. In the Viewer Pane, click the Settings button.
  3. Choose either Fit, Crop to Fill, or Ken Burns from the Style option.

Inserting Photos into Project

This works the same as inserting clips into a project. After ensuring that the correct event is selected in the Library Pane, click and drag the photo from the Browser into the Project Timeline Pane. To adjust the time that the picture is displayed from the default of 4 seconds, mouse over the edge of the picture in the Project Timeline Pane and click and drag to the desired length.