Classroom - AC N223 Technology Operation and troubleshooting guide

AC N223 Technology Operation and troubleshooting guide

The technology equipment in AC N223 has been temporarily assigned to this Music Department classroom from the Halsey Technology Center, Halsey 259, 424-4979.

One video projector is capable of projecting both the document camera image and the computer image by switching between the computer and the document camera using the document camera controls. The document camera MUST be turned on for the signals to be sent properly.

Cables should be attached as follows:

Doc camera RGB Out RBG1 cable

The other end of the cable from the RGB out from the document camera should be connected to the video projector RGB2 IN.  This is sending any image from the document camera to the video projector.

Panasonic RBG2 IN

The other end of the RGB1 cable from the video projector should be connected to the VGA adapter on the back of the computer.  This is sending the image from the computer into the document camera so it will go out to the video projector.

VGA out to RGB

Document Camera Operation

Document Camera Front Operational Panel

The document camera controls most used are as follows:

Setting the projector image properly:

Locate the POWER button on the top of the projector

Panasonic Power Red Ring

Panasonic Power Green ring

Video Projectors on Panasonic

LENS zoom adjustment

LENS shift adjustment

LENS focus adjustment

The projector image is generally zoomed as large as possible. If the image is not large enough to fill the screen, move the projector cart back until it is set up appropriately.

Power projector off when finished with class session.

POWER off image

Troubleshooting Guide:

Computer image is not projecting:

RGB source setting

RGB2 RGB source guide

Need assistance?

Contact Halsey Technology Center at 424-4979 or contact the Help Desk at 424-3020.   

If you need further assistance please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 920-424-3020 or