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D2L - Screen Capture using CaptureSpace

Learn how to capture a video and audio screen lecture from D2L

Go to your course

  • Go D2L and login
  • Choose the course you want to add the video in

Create the video

  • Click the "Other Tools >  Capture Space" dropdown

    Capture Space lives under
  • If you don’t have the CaptureSpace tool installed you'll be asked to do so now. (After you install it once you never need to do it again on that computer. Once its installed go back and choose "Other Tools > Capture Space" Dropdown.) Otherwise you will be asked if its ok to open the player

    Open Kaltura Player

  • The Kaltura CaptureSpace screen recorder will open
  • Choose the button for the media options you want to record. 

    Choose what to record

  • Choose the screen you want to record (usually shows if you have more than one screen attached to your computer)
  • A count down will start
  • Go ahead and do your screen demonstration everything on the screen you have chosen will be recorded
  • When your finished choose "done"
  • You can now trim your video if you want to cut some of the beginning or end off and can also add in titles or credits here

    Edit your video
  • When your finished choose "done"
  • Give you video a title

    Give your video a title

  • Choose "upload"
  • Please be aware that their is some processing being done behind the scenes and it might not immediately be playable but will soon

Add the video to a course object

  • Choose or (create a new) content item you want to add the video to (such as a File or news object ) 
  • Click in the area you want your video to appear
  • Choose the "insert Stuff" button
     insert stuff
  • Choose "My Media". This shows all the videos you have in your video repository 
  • Choose the row of the video you just uploaded 
  • Choose "next"
  • You video should appear on the page

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