Wireless - What Is Eduroam?

This document describes Eduroam - it's benefits and uses.

Eduroam is an international WiFi service organized by academic institutions to facilitate network access. Anyone from an Eduroam-provisioned campus, when on-site at a different Eduroam-provisioned campus, can log into the Eduroam WiFi service using their home campus NetID and password. Eduroam WiFi is a more secure network than many open or guest wireless access services. Many campuses in the UW System participate in Eduroam; nationally, there are hundreds of participating campuses. Using Eduroam will also facilitate our ability to work together on multiple campuses.

Q: Does this mean I can login to Eduroam at a different campus?

A: Yes! You will be able to login at any other campus that also uses Eduroam.

Please note: You must use your full email address when logging in at other campuses. e.g. [netid]@uwosh.edu.

Q: Can visitors from other Eduroam-participating campuses connect using Eduroam here?

A: Yes! They will be able to connect to our Eduroam network the same as they would at their campus.

Q: Is Eduroam secure?

A: Yes! Eduroam has the same high-level protections and security features that currently exist on Titan WiFi.

Q: How do I log into Eduroam?

A: You can use the same method to log into Eduroam as you have used to log into Titan WiFi. For help documents regarding connecting, please follow this: Eduroam Knowledgebase Articles