Canvas - Migration Help - D2L Course Complexity Tool

The course complexity tool will provide you with an analysis of your D2L courses. It will give you information on areas of your course that might make a clean migration to Canvas more difficult.

D2L Course Complexity Tool

The Course complexity tool was developed to help instructors understand the amount of time and effort it will take to move a course from the D2L platform to the new Canvas environment.  The tool will identify potential problem areas of a course that may make the transfer of materials more difficult.  It will then categorize your course(s) into one of three general categories of difficulty, low, medium or high.  For more detailed information on exactly how various D2L tools transfer to Canvas please see the UW System Course Migration FAQ page.

Note: It is the general recommendation of the UW Oshkosh instructional designers that course transfers be avoided and materials added manually to Canvas.  Although the time and effort in this process may seem to be higher, the effort will allow instructors to use the tools available in Canvas in the manner they were designed.  It will also save a lot of manual clean-up that may be required when a course is directly migrated to canvas.  The overall result will be a cleaner and more stable Canvas course.

Access the Course Complexity Tool

  1. Click the link to access the Course Complexity Tool
  2. Use the dropdown to select your desired campus.
  3. Login using your campus credentials.  (At UW Oshkosh this is your NetID)
  4. The tool will open to reveal the semesters currently available in the tool.  (We hope to add more semesters in the future.) Click the arrow before the semester to expand the semester and reveal courses and an overall difficulty designation for the course. 

    expand semester arrow location

  5. Click the course title to reveal additional information on the overall course difficulty designation as well as a break-down of which tools may be more difficult to migrate from D2L to Canvas.

    Course Complexity Breakdown

  6. Click an individual tool to get information on why that tool may be difficult (or easy) to migrate.  You are also provided with links that will take you to the FAQ page for more detailed information. 

    Migration Tool Information

Additional Tools

There are several tools available in the Course Complexity Analysis that may help you understand how your course was analyzed.

Course Complexity Additional links
Note: When clicked some of these tools will prompt you to login to D2L. Complete the login then return to the Course Compexity tool and click the icon again.  This will take you directly to certain portions of your D2L course.

Course Complexity Redirect Link