Censor or blur parts of a video

This will teach you how to visually block out a part of your video. Its written for EdTPA students that don't need to worry about the aesthetics they just need to block someones face or name.


The easiest way to censor or block out a portion of your movie is to use iMovie. If you have a Mac, thats great, or you can visit the Student Technology Center in the basement of Polk Library (polk5).

You will need to download an image from the internet so find a black square (you could make one but I was lazy :) ). I searched for "blacksquare.png". OR you can download this black image (right click and choose "save file as").

iMovie Directions

As your subject moves around you may need to copy and paste and reposition the black square to keep up with the movement. Don't try animating the black square (you don't need it to be pretty). My suggestion is to make the black square big enough that it covers as much as possible given the timeline. That way you don't need to copy and paste as often.

iMovie Censor Image

If you have any problems feel free to call the Student Technology Center ... good luck!