Collaborate Ultra - Getting Started

This document helps you gets started using Collaborate Ultra for online meetings.

Collaborate Ultra

Collaborate Ultra is an online meeting web app that is available for all UW System employees to use.

Login and Access Collaborate Ultra

To organize a meeting you access Collaborate Ultra through the My UW System portal. This is the same system UW Oshkosh employees use to enter their absences.

  1. Start at the UW Oshkosh home page -
  2. Mouse over Titan Services in the upper right corner and select My UW System
  3. Use the dropdown to select UW-Oshkosh or your campus, then click on Go
  4. You should be prompted to enter your NetID username and password, then click Login
  5. Find the box that begins with Web Conferencing (Blackboard)
  6. Click on Collaborate Ultra

Create a Session

  1. Click on Create a Session
  2. Type in the session name
  3. Once you finish the name, Join Session, Anonymous dial-in, and Guest Access box will appear
  4. Select the appropriate Guest Role: Participant, Presenter, Moderator (see definitions below)
  5. To the right of the Guest Link is an icon to copy the link, click on this for the link to share with participants via email
  6. Enter Event Details, especially the start and end times or select No end or Repeat session
  7. You can click on Session Settings to select more session options, such as Default Attendee Role (Participant, Presenter, Moderator), Allow recording, Allow participants to share audio and video
  8. Click Save at the bottom of the screen

Invite Guests

  1. Open your email and copy the session link into a message for your guests
  2. You can also add the link to a calendar invitation
  3. You  may want to remind your guests to start with the audio off or muted

Start your Session

  1. Return to Collaborate Ultra using the login instructions above
  2. Your session(s) will be listed below the Create Session button
  3. Click on the Session name
  4. The Session information window will open
  5. Click on Join Session
  6. The system will offer a Start Tutorial link or you can select Later
  7. The Session menu is on the left of the screen. You open it by clicking on the three parallel bars in the upper left of the screen
  8. The Collaborate panel is on the right. You open it by clicking on the pink double arrow head in the lower right of the screen
  9. In the bottom center of the screen is where you can turn your audio and video on or off. It is best to start with the audio off

End your Session

  1. Open the Session menu on the left
  2. Click on Leave Sesssion
  3. Close the browser tab and the My UW tab

Session Menu

Collaborate Panel

If you need further assistance please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 920-424-3020 or