Canvas - Add Collaborate Ultra to Navigation

Directions on adding Collaborate Ultra to your course navigation in Canvas

Collaborate Ultra has been added to Canvas so you can start using it any time. It will show as an option under; 
  • Course Navigation (if you add it)
You also have a dedicated "course room" already created (found under the "Course Navigation" menu item). You can turn off access to this room by choosing the options menu and "Lock Course Room".


Collaborate integrates with your course roster, so students who join Collaborate from your course will be automatically signed in as themselves. 

Adding Collaborate to your course navigation

- Select the course where you want to add the Collaborate button 
- Choose the "settings" button in your course navigation at the bottom
- Choose the "Navigation" tab
- Click and hold on the "Collaborate" button at the bottom of the page and drag it up under "Outcomes" button (or select the Kabob icon and select "activate") 
- select the "Save" button (If you do not click the save button your changes will not stick)

Video directions for adding the Collaborate button to Canvases course navigation

Collaborate External Information

Blackboard Collaborate Feature Set
Collaborate highlight video reel

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