Canvas - Roles Explained

Defines the various roles and permissions that are available in Canvas for you to give to a user.

Course Level Roles

Adding users to your Master Course or Instructional Course is fairly easy to do but you have to choose a "role" for those users. This role is what gives them permissions to view, access data and interact with your students. In general you only want to give other users as much permission as they need and no more. The list below describes the different roles and how they might be used. 

Please be aware that these roles are being reviewed and will likely change over the next year as we receive feedback on them. This document will be updated to reflect the newest changes.


More detailed view the roles permissions





TA Grader  





Add, edit and delete events on the course calendar

Add/remove other teachers, course designers or TAs to the course

Add/remove students for the course

Change course state

Create and edit assessing rubrics

Create student collaborations

Create web conferences

Edit grades

Import learning outcomes

LTI add and edit

Manage (add / edit / delete) assignments and quizzes

Manage (add / edit / delete) course files

Manage (add / edit / delete) pages

Manage (create / edit / delete) course sections

Manage (create / edit / delete) groups

Manage alerts

Manage all other course content

Manage learning outcomes

Moderate Grades

Moderate discussions (delete / edit other's posts, lock topics)

Post to discussions

Read SIS data

See the list of users

Send messages to individual course members

Send messages to the entire class

View all grades

View all students' submissions and make comments on them

View analytics pages

View and link to question banks

View announcements

View discussions

View the group pages of all student groups

View usage reports for the course