Fonts - Installing Fonts on University-owned Windows and Apple Devices

With the implementation of UW System IT Security policies on campus, some modifications needed to be made to how users without administrative rights could install fonts.

Installing Fonts - Windows Devices

To install fonts on a university-owned Windows device, one must utilize the Software Center package called Install-Fonts.

To Set up the Fonts Folder

  1. Open Software Center.
  2. Navigate to the software called Install-Fonts.
  3. Click Install. This first installation will create a folder on your hard drive called Fonts.
  4. Select Restart from the Software Center window to restart your computer and complete the addition of that folder.
  5. After the restart, log in and confirm the creation of the Fonts folder on the C: drive:
    1. Click on your named folder on the Desktop.
    2. Select This PC from the sidebar on that page.
    3. Click the Windows C: drive under Devices and drives.

To Install Fonts

  1. Collect a few fonts you would like to install in one location, e.g. your Downloads folder. These fonts are usually downloaded in the form of a .zip folder.
  2. Extract the fonts from the .zip folder:
    1. Navigate to the location of the font you would like to install. 
    2. Right click on the .zip folder and select 7-zip then Extract Here. This will take the fonts out of the .zip folder.
  3. Move the font files to the Fonts folder:
    1. Right click on the folder in the task bar (bottom bar where the start button is).
    2. Click File Explorer to open up a new window.
    3. Drag one folder the left side of the screen to snap it to 1/2 of the monitor. Select the other window from the right side.
    4. Navigate the new File Explorer window to the Fonts folder by selecting Windows (C:) then Fonts
    5. Click and drag the fonts from where they were extract to the Fonts folder.
  4. Rerun Install-Fonts from Software Center.
    1. Open Software Center
    2. Navigate to the software called Install-Fonts.
      • Search for the word "fonts"
      • Look through the applications list
    3. Click Install. This will transfer the fonts from the Fonts folder to the location where they are installed.
    4. Select Restart from the Software Center window to restart your computer and complete the installation of the fonts.
    5. After the restart, delete the installed fonts from the Fonts folder. 

Installing Fonts - Apple Devices

IT Security Policy did not impact installation of fonts on Apple Devices. This process remains the same for university-owned and personal devices.
  1. Navigate to the location of the font you would like to install.
    • If the font is in a .zip file, double-click the folder to extract the font. 
  2.  Double-click the file. 
  3. On the window that pops up, select Install Font to complete the installation. 
    • If a window titled Font Validation pops up, click Select All Fonts, then Install Checked.

If you need further assistance please contact the Information Technology Help Desk at 920-424-3020 or