UW Oshkosh JAMF Enrollment

Steps to take to enroll device into JAMF and stop popup dialog


This article contains information that mostly has been overcome by events. This article remains active for legacy compatibility. If you do experience the happenings below, please consider contacting the Help Desk (x3020/helpdesk@uwosh.edu) and request to have the Mac completely erased and brought up to compliance.


UW Oshkosh Information & Technology has recently enrolled into Apple School Manager (a service provided by Apple to manage all purchased devices, both macOS and iOS) and has also recently purchased a subscription to JAMF, one of the most recognizable mobile device management (MDM) services. 

The combination of these events means that UW Oshkosh I&T will be better able to manage all university-purchased Apple hardware; both in terms of providing the end user with a better computing experience and protecting the devices from misplacement, misuse, and/or theft.

Both macOS and iOS devices will be slowly enrolled into our JAMF Cloud instance by a variety of means. One of the common methods will be by way of a package pushed down by our Managed Software Center (MSC) service.

Due to Apple's relatively recent security implementations however, user intervention is sometimes required to fully enroll a device into JAMF after it has received the aforementioned package from MSC.

Action Required by You

You will occasionally be presented with the dialog box shown below. This dialog box will present itself when your computer hasn't been fully enrolled into JAMF. It will continue to present itself, with increasing frequency and annoyance, until you complete the steps outlined in the dialog box and even further outlined here. In the event that the dialog box closed because you came to this KB article, you can either a) wait for the dialog box to re-present itself, or b) you can manually go in to System Preferences from the Apple menu, click Profiles from the right side of the fourth row of items, and then follow along from the third image below.


Click the "Open System Preferences" button at the bottom center of the popup window. That will take you to the Profile pane of your computer's System Preferences. See below.


In the resulting Profiles pane, you will need to select our MDM profile in order to submit your approval. This profile will usually be the third or fourth item on the left column of the window. Click once on the profile to select it. Then, when the profile is selected, you will see an "Approve..." button displayed in the right-side column of the Profiles pane window. Click once on that "Approve..." button. See below.


You'll then be prompted with one last confirmation dialog box, explaining to you that you are enrolling your computer into an MDM. Click on the OK button from that confirmation box. See below.


Your computer is now fully enrolled in UW Oshkosh I&T's JAMF MDM. Some configuration profiles will begin silently installing onto your machine. These additional profiles will allow for better, easier installation of applications from MSC. The profiles will also allow UW Oshkosh I&T to better manage its university-purchased assets.

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