edTPA - Video Recording using your own equipment

This document will explain options for edTPA students to record video using their own equipment.

Recommendations for recording edTPA videos with your own equipment

If you chose to or are unable to use equipment checked out from the Student Tech Center to record, we have the following recommendations for using your own phone, iPad or tablet.
You are free to use any method of recording you like, but following our suggestions will make it much easier for us to provide you with any help should you need it. If you are familiar with recording, editing and compressing video for upload, feel free to use any method you like, otherwise we recommend following our suggested method.

Some quick notes about using your own equipment

  • Make sure your device has enough storage
    • An hour of non-HD video recorded with Fuse is about 500 MB (half a Gigabyte)
    • An hour of HD video recorded with a phone/tablet's video app (not TechSmith Fuse) can be 2-4 GB (Gigabytes) in size.
    • Check your devices storage free space (usually in the settings) to make sure you have enough room for what you plan on recording
  • If you use something beside the Fuse app to record, such as a camcorder or your phone, tablet or laptops recording app, check the settings to set the recording quality to it's lowest setting. Submitted video must be very small in file size and the end result will be fairly low in video quality regardless of the quality of the original video. Plus, smaller videos are quicker to move around and easier to work with.
  • If you record a video with something other than the Fuse app, you are still able to upload it to MyMedia (if under 2 Gigabytes) and clip/shrink it there. The instructions for uploading files to your MyMedia account can be found HERE.

Installing the TechSmith Fuse app on your own device

Download and install the TechSmith Fuse app from App Store (Apple) or the Play Store (Android)
Start the TechSmith Fuse app
Allow the app access to camera, microphone and storage
Click through or dismiss the intro screens
Tap the Library Icon
Tap the Gear Icon (Settings) in the upper right(Android)
Tap the Gear Icon (Settings) in the lower right (Apple)
 Tap "Techsmith Relay Account"
 Tap "Add New Account" (Android)
Tap "Sign In" (Apple)
 Scan this QR Code or tap "Manually Connect" and enter this Server Address when prompted:  camrelay.uwosh.edu
 Sign into the TechSmith Server with your UW Oshkosh NetId and Password  You may need to tap the camera icon or your devices back button to get back to the recording screen.  

Recording with the Fuse App

Before starting recording, please make sure you:
  1. TEST!  TEST!  TEST!  Always plan a test session or two to check things like the view of the room and audio pickup to find the best location to place the equipment for recording.
  2. Remove or cover any school name or location signage visible in the classroom.
  3. DO NOT use students last names or have any name tags visible.
  4. Basically, do not record anything that could be used to discover the students full name or school location (shirts, hats, jerseys, lanyards, etc.) It is possible to block out spots on videos or bleep out audio, but it is time intensive.
Set up the tripod in the recording location with the recording device in landscape or wide (sideways) orientation.
 Start up the TechSmith Fuse app, it should start-up in the recording mode, so you should see the camera image on the screen.
Make sure HD Off appears on the screen, if it displays HD On, tap it to switch it to HD Off
To start recording, press the Video icon at the bottom (Android) or the right side of the screen (Apple) 
Recording will start in a few seconds and you should see a red dot with a timer counting up indicating the length of the recording. Press the Done icon on the right/bottom of the screen.
  Be very careful not to tap the "X Cancel" icon, it will may delete the video with asking for confirmation.

The videos will be stored in the TechSmith Library section of the app. You can choose to Share/Upload now, if you have access to the WiFi and some time, otherwise you can wait for a more convenient time. 


Uploading your videos from the Fuse App to your My Media account

To upload your videos recorded with Fuse to your MyMedia account, refer to this article.
If you recorded videos using something other than TechSmith Fuse, you can still upload them (if under 2 Gigabytes in size) to your MyMedia for clipping, 
Instructions are HERE

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